Saturday, August 14, 2010

New Quilt, New Video

As a special treat, I am sharing a video shot about a month ago of Dr. Gaither working on the latest My American Series quilt, the National Black Theater Festival. This clip show problem solving at its finest. In the initial stages of creating these monster-sized quilts, she works on them at her house and moves them up to the loft work space after they have been pieced together. Throughout the piecing together process, she will lay the quilts out on her driveway to see how the quilt looks overall.

On this particular day, she laid the quilt out in sections so that I could get some in-process photos to document the creation of this quilt. When the quilt was fully laid out, Dr. Gaither realized there was a 12 inch space at the top of the quilt from where she had shortened the central panel, but had fogotten to shorten the border pieces. The solution came down to two choices - shorten the border pieces or add in an extra panel. Given that this quilt is part of the oversized My American Series, I am sure you can guess what the answer to that connundrum was! Check out the resulting quandry over what fabric to use.


A note on the audio quality:
As we were outside standing next to a very busy road, my camera appears to have been "compensating" for the extra noise and makes it sound like there is a chorus of cicadas surrounding us in various parts of the clip.

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