Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Last minute quilting...again

Just when I thought there would be some down time and Dr. Gaither would be able to work on her quilts at a more reasonable pace, I was proven wrong. The final component of the Gee's Bend quilts is being worked on as I type. This quilt is full of storytelling and family as all of her quilts are, this time focusing on Dr. Gaither's mother and siblings. The quilt incorporates images of her family, stories of each of her many siblings interacting with their mother, and imagery that symbolizes each one of her siblings. It very much reflects the type of teaching methods she uses to inspire people when getting started on their quilt squares during her workshops. It has been interesting watching the quilt come together over the past few weeks and listening to the stories told the work moves forward.

The quilt will be finished tomorrow as Dr. Gaither travels to Hartford. If you are catching the train from Baltimore to Hartford, CT tomorrow, be on the lookout for someone working on a quilt. IF you are in the Hartford area, please go and check out the quilts.

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