Monday, January 11, 2010

Hartford, CT Exhibition of Dr. Gaither's Work

Happy New Year! I hope everyone out there is enjoying a good start to the new year and keeping busy. I can certainly say we are busy on this end. Today will be a quick posting, but I promise to write a lengthier post series starting next week on Dr. Gaither's My American Series (MAS). With all of the talk about the series, I thought it would be nice to give each of the quilts their due and explore each one of them.

In the mean time, the Community Threads exhibition in Hartford, CT, which includes Dr. Gaither's My American Series and several other of her works, opened last week with great success. The exhibition has formed it's own blog in the past week. You can visit it at Her works are in three locations around Hartford. The Brown's Quilt (the first in the series) and J2WH are on display in Hartford's City Hall. The other quilts in the MAS are on display at the Capital Community College. The Gee's Bend inspired quilts along with a few others will be on display that Hartford Stage during the run of the production of Gee's Bend. Dr. Gaither herself will be on hand for the opening of the show later this week. Be sure to say hello if you see her.

I am including a link from the Hartford Courant here that shows the installation of the Brown's Quilt and J2WH at the City Hall building. Note the quilt on the floor in the lower right-hand corner on the first picture. The first time I looked at the photo, I knew there was something familiar about it, but it took me a few minutes to figure out what that was. Suddenly I recognized the fabric colors and realized I knew that quilt. It is interesting how viewing things in a new context or environment can change your perspective. Can you figure out which one it is?

Enjoy! The My American Series (MAS) weekly series will start next week.

Hartford Courant images:,0,2355069.photogallery

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