Saturday, December 19, 2009

The quilts have landed in Connecticut!

Hello everyone! This Sara Allred, one of Dr. Gaither's students at MICA. I had the pleasure of accompanying Dr. Gaither and several of her quilts to Hartford, Connecticut this past Tuesday and Wednesday. Dr. Gaither will have quilts in two exhibitions in Hartford - the six "My American Series" quilts (including the Journey to the White House and the Black Watermen of the Chesapeake quilts) will be in one exhibition spread throughout the city, and four additional quilts will be at an exhibition at the Hartford Stage. We had a great trip and met so many people who were so excited to have the quilts start their national tour in Hartford! I have so many photos to share from our trip, so here goes:

Here is the van - packed to the brim and ready to go!

Dr. Gaither had her coffee and was ready to start the journey at 5:45 am!

I had my coffee too! We were ready to hit the road...we had a great drive, and arrived in Hartford just after noon to drop the "My American Series" quilts off at the Hartford Community Health Services building.

Here is Dr. Gaither delivering the quilts to Dr. Rick Rawlins and Andrea Montgomery of the Community Health Services of Hartford.

Dr. Gaither couldn't help but roll out a few of the quilts to show them off (as a special sneak preview!) - here is the Black Watermen of the Chesapeake quilt - as you can see, it almost filled the office space (and attracted quite a crowd!)...

Here are Dr. Gaither and Michael Sherman (CEO of Community Health Services) holding up the Journey to the White House quilt for all to see.

Before we left, Dr. Gaither took a moment to hug her quilts good-bye as they begin the first leg of their national tour. This is the first time they will be exhibited all together (and will all be out of Dr. Gaither's possession).

Congratulations to Dr. Gaither and the many people who have supported her and assisted in the making of these quilts! Stay tuned for more specific information about dates and locations that the quilts will be shown in Hartford (and beyond!)...

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alissandra seelaus said...

what an amazing journey! i can't believe the black watermen quilt is DONE and out in the world!