Friday, November 13, 2009

Table Linens Beware, Part II

In a posting last month, I wrote about Dr. Gaither's habit of "taking" items such as table linens and turning them into parts of her quilts whether it be during the planning process or as part of the actual quilts. The BoC quilt has several elements of "appropriated" items. The main fabric making up the Chesapeake Bay center of the quilt is a former table cloth with a tropical theme. The tropical part of the quilt was covered up by images of the Bay, lighthouses, crabs, and other items. If you come to one of the quilting sessions, check out the transformation.

During the quilting session yesterday, I was thoroughly entertained watching Dr. Gaither in action as she was able to get Vince Leggett of the Blacks of the Chesapeake Foundation to give up his key lanyard off his neck which was then promptly added to the quilt. The desire for the lanyard came from the fact that it was embroidered with "Blacks of the Chesapeake." She was also able to get Vince to part with a portion of his hat that represented his role as one the Maryland four "Admirals of the Chesapeake." In her defense, one of her students did try to get a good scanned image of the pin, however when that didn't work, he gave the pin up to her.

I believe that will be the end of the "appropriated objects" added to the quilt, but one never knows. I will keep you posted if I see any other objects appear on the quilt that once belonged to someone else.

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