Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Blog Changes

If you are a regular follower of this blog, you will notice changes beginning today to the look of the blog. We started the blog in December 2008 to follow the Journey to the White House quilt from community quilting sessions through exhibition. The growing popularity of the blog and Dr. Gaither's ever increasing number of projects have brought us to the point where we feel the original blog is a bit too restrictive. As the Black Watermen of the Chesapeake quilt is moving along and the national tour of Dr. Gaither's artwork is quickly approaching we wanted to add that content to the blog, but under the original blog format it didn't flow as well as we wanted. We want to add content to this site that will incorporate all of the community quilting projects as well as some of Dr. Gaither's other works. The changes we are making will not alter the content, in fact it will increase what we include.

The biggest change you will see is to the web address of the blog. The new web address is http://www.joangaither.com/. If you type in the old address (http://obamacommunityquilt.blogspot.com/) you will still reach the blog. By changing the address it will be easier to find the blog for people looking for Dr. Gaither's works. In the next few days we will add images of some more of Dr. Gaither's works including the latest addition to the American Series, Black Watermen of the Chesapeake.

As we work on making these changes, please let us know what you think by leaving a comment here or sending an email.

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