Thursday, June 4, 2009

Obama Quilt gets a Familiar Looking Friend

In February the Banneker-Douglass Museum was approached by Lothian (MD) Elementary School Art Teacher Donna Schmitz about an artwork the students, faculty, and staff of her school had worked on leading up to the inauguration. The school came together to create a large mural of President Obama with a frame of images and words describing their hopes for the future as well as the signature of each contributor.

Our exhibit specialist welcomed the artwork to the museum and put it on display on the second floor balcony near Journey to the White House. One of the many things that struck me about this artwork was the appearance of the word "hope" and the messages of goodwill left around the border by the artists. This is similar to the messages left by people adding their stitches to J2WH. It is especially interesting to not the appearance of the word hope many times on this artwork as it was the word most frequently added to the quilt during the quilting sessions.

Please enjoy the images of the artwork. The mural will be on display at the Banneker-Douglass Museum through 26 September 2009.

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