Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Quilt in the Classroom

Today the Journey to the White House quilt received several new stitches from 3rd and 5th graders from Midtown Academy in Baltimore. The students from Midtown Academy held a mock election in the days leading up to the presidential election in which they elected Barack Obama as president by a landslide. Mr. Charlie Greenawault, a Maryland Institute College of Art alum and teacher at the Midtown Academy, brought several students to see the quilt and add messages about what the quilt means to them.

Dr. Gaither asked them to think about words that are important to them and add them to the quilt as messages for all who see the quilt. Among the many messages and images that were added as the word "hope." This word has become a very popular theme in the quilt and serves as a great message for the overall meaning of the project. Other messages included "unity," "work together," and "beautiful time for freedom."

Students were asked to write about their experience in a journal which accompanies the quilt as well as post messages here on the blog. Students included several different types of entries including personal statements and poetry. You can see some of their postings to the blog by scrolling down to the blog entry entitled "Message from Dr. Joan Gaither."

Don't forget, there are two more opportunities to add your stitches to the Journey to the White House quilt. Wednesday, January 14 the quilt will be at the Wiley Bates Legacy Center in Annapolis from 2-6 p.m. On Saturday, January 17, a quilting session will be held at the Banneker-Douglass Museum in Annapolis from 10:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. before going on display at 2:00 p.m.


Vince Leggett said...

Turning a Mistake into
a Great Design

I did my part on the historic quilt honoring president Barack Obama's providential climb to the top. My wife Dena and I will be going to Inaugural Swearing In Cermony on January 20th. We were fortunate to receive two tickets from Maryland U.S. Senator Benjamin Cardin.

My quilt design was done in memory of my father, Charlie Leggett who passed in 2006 and my wife's grandmother Gertude Gross who passed several years earlier.

Not being an avid quilter I thought that I had made a mistake in my stitching, I called on Dr. Joan Gaither, the Master Guilter for help. She showed me how I could transform my mis-step into a wonderful design.

Brother Leggett and Sister Gross both would have been so proud of Mr. Obama and equally gratified that
Dena and I were going to Washington, DC, to represent our families at this historic event.

Our design on the beautiful Obama Quilt consists of two letters V & D stitched on both sides of an ivory colored heart with open venticles running through it. This design looks like a constellation representing our family's love for one another and a special remembrance for all of our ancestors who did not live to see this wonderful sunrise.

Thanks, Vince Leggett,
Bates Legacy Center
Annapolis, MD

betty chambers said...

Yes we can remember
The many times we tried,
To make this world a better place,
And to honor those Who are still trying,
And also those who died.
Together – we can do it!
Together – we can change the world
With ALL people represented and
especially our boys and girls.
Written by Betty Chambers-
January 15, 2009
Our Love to OBAMA and His Family
From: L & B and
The Chambers Family

Anonymous said...


As an African American man having to live through an era of injustice, hate, and discord, I didn't think the American dream was real, but I always had HOPE. With the election of Barack Obama to the White House, this reveals the very infinite love, the enduring peace, and the never ending justice this country is capable of bestowing amongst the people who built this great nation. THANK YOU AMERICA. THANK YOU BARACK OBAMA. This quilt is a symbol of the justice, love, and peace REVEALED to America as constant reminder of the interconnectedness of us all and the compassion that we need to continue to share that will ultimately remind us all. This quilt is a unifying factor that brings people together in dialogue, spirituality, compassion, and creativity. Charles Ellis, a Californian for Barack Obama

Anonymous said...

Dear Dr. Gaither,
Today was a very momentous and spiritual moment having the opportunity to do the finishing touches on the Journey to the White House Quilt. It was an awesome experience to be among the young and the old. To God be the glory, for God's prophecy has been told in Judges 4:6. Thank you Dr. Joan Gaither for awarding me the opportunity to participate in helping to create history. God bless you. To My Big Sister in Spiritual Love,
Rev. SHirley

caroline.ingles said...

My 8-year-old daughter came home from Midtown Academy very excited the day she got to contribute to the quilt. She said her art conveyed a message of world peace and included a golden dove.

Trinette said...

How surprised I was to see my comments in the Journey to the White House Quilt journal on line in the Annapolis Washington Capital slide show. "That my name and my comment, wow." I'm excited, proud and honored to be able to see the quilt before it got out there; to be able to put stitches on the quilt; to be able to leave a comment in the book, to know you Joan. I love the quilt and I know President Obama will love it when he sees that and be just as honored as I am. I going to go home and get others to see the sites and leave a comment. Trinette