Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Journey to the White House Quilt

Journey to the White House
Dr. Joan M. E. Gaither
Story Quilt

Dr. Gaither and the Journey to the White House quilt made a visit to the Banneker-Douglass Museum yesterday to take part in an interview for an upcoming segment on Channel 2, Baltimore's ABC affiliate. The segment will be part of a weekly series produced to highlight several individuals and institutions speaking on the historic significance of Barack Obama's upcoming inauguration. While the quilt, pictured in part above, will not be completed until inauguration weekend, it certainly appears completed. As with all of Dr. Gaither's quilts, there is so much to see and take in. It is already a site to behold and with more detail to be added, it will certainly be an unbelievable work when it is finished.

As part of this project, Dr. Gaither is giving members of several different communities the opportunity to add their own stitches to the quilt and tell their stories on this blog. Stay tuned for more information.


katie said...

Joan Gaither, Thank you for this special and unique opportunity to add to this, to express something visually and be a part of your art and ideas. I added my daughters initials AEJ and IGJ to the center of the quilt near the portion recognizing the Obama children and all the children whom his Presidency will have tremendous effect upon. I have hope for their future because of Barack Obama and all the people who worked on his campaign. He could not have done it alone and still can do it alone. We need to stay active and united.

Lee C said...

What an amazing an inspiring work of art reflecting on an incredible moment in history. Let's hope this quilt represents a world that will be brought together by our great new President.
Standing in the cold for almost 4 hours last January to hear Obama speak and seeing so many engaged young people taking an interest in our country reflects on this world of art.
Lee Cohen
Holliston, MA

katie said...
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KtF said...

Joan this is amazing!

Anonymous said...

HOPE continues to be the mantra for the generations on hand that will be witness to this wonderful story quilt shared by our community artist and friend Joan.

caro said...

what an amazing experience, Joan, thank you for this opportunity! i am so hopeful for the future, and proud of our country. i gave to the quilt an Obama button that i have worn on my MICA bag since September, and although it is not the exact button i wore in March and April, it represents to me the time i gave to the Obama campaign as a volunteer, making phone calls and going door-to-door. i have never been so inspired by a political candidate as i am by our president-elect. he represents us all, and i trust him to do what is best and right and necessary for our troubled country.


Christine Ricks said...

I stitched a red lion trailed by a series of beads with red hearts along the edge of the quilt. It represents the courageous and bold path our country is ready to take with new leadership. My hope is that we can now leave only a trail of love in our wake as we interact with the world. One of the traits I respect most in Barack Obama is his desire to bring together everyone regardless of our differences. I am excited to see how this attitude shapes the next four years in this country.

Thank you Joan, for the opportunity to work on this quilt!

R.Hawkins said...

I am so glad, excited, inspired, elated, happy, thrilled, motivated, joyful, amazed and the list could go on and on. I am so thankful that I had a chance to be apart of history! I am HISTORY! God has blessed me beyond measures, and I pray that He Blesses everyone that contributes to historic moment in time! President Obama, I salute you! To those of you who can participate please do so. It was an honor to be apart of this experience. America the Beautiful, I love you! Keep shining your light people! Make art, peace and harmony my brothers and sisters. Thank you Joan Gaither fot this opportunity to share such a wonderful gift. Love always, R. Hawkins

Anonymous said...

Thank you to my community. You have touched my heart and my spirit with the reflections written in the "Journey to the White House Quilt" Guest Book and recorded in this blog site. John Berger, in "Ways of Seeing," comments, "The way we see things is affected by what we believe." On Friday, the word hope was added to the quilt by 8 different people. Another stitched a chalice in golden threads that outlined the words faith and hope which had been added by a previous quilter, a senior mom who happened to be visiting from Chicago. Still another took the time to write poetry in the guest book linking the present with the past, and the energy of the quilt with a running awareness and a connectedness to a generation not yet born. Thank you, students of this generation who let me know joy as you become a part of the quilts journey. Everyone who participated sees and believes in a brighter future - connectedness, progress, coming together. Student PG wrote about viewing Obama's victory speech on the street with neighbors when suddenly the power was gone. "It was an image so beautiful, so reminiscent of what Obama has done for this country, of the realization that has come over all of us. The realization that overcame us, the happiness in the tears we cried that night, illuminated by only the street lights... and the sound of his voice... our future..."

Thank you to those who took fabric squares to create a quilt square for the next part of the journey. JMEG

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